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Police Athletic League (PAL)
New York, NY

PAL reached out because they had a old, failing SmartBoard. We decided to donate a projector, SmartBoard and speakers instead of selling one to them. As you can see, they are excited about their new gift. 

Jacob Riis Community Center
Long Island City, NY

Jacob Riis reached out to us because they had a few defective SmartBoards that were out of warranty. We decided to donate a SmartBoard and repair their other boards at no cost. 


Western Queens Nursery
Long Island City, NY

Every kid should experience the joys of a SmartBoard! When we found out the nursery didn't have a SmartBoard, we walked in and offered to donate one. The kids love it! 

Children's Studio
Harrison, NJ

Children's Studio reached out to us because someone installed their previous projector and SmartBoard incorrectly, and they didn't work. To resolve their issue, we donated a SmartBoard and projector. They are very pleased!

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