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SmartBoard installed in a school on a brick wall.

We professionally install new and used SmartBoards, Projectors and interactive flat panels - regardless of their size. We will bring all equipment needed to get your equipment up and running. Rails are provided at an additional cost.


SmartBoard in a classroom with a thank you note for fixing the SmartBoard.

Our preventative maintenance service visit includes up to 20 rooms. We clean your SmartBoard, pen tray, projector filter and reset your filter hours. We also do a cleanup of your SmartBoard cabling, test its operation - including pen tray and speakers, verify proper installation of your projector and update your SmartBoard firmwareWhen we are finished, we will give you a detailed report of the current status of all your interactive equipment, including serial numbers, warranty status, lamp hours, and a list of what is needed to get your interactive classroom technology up and running by room number!


Old SmartBoard being uninstalled next to a new SmartBoard that was installed.

No longer need your SmartBoard? Let us uninstall it for you! We will also move your SmartBoard to another location for you - regardless of its size or whether it's new or used. 


A note written on a SmartBoard saying that it's been fixed.

If you're a first time customer, we will do a one-time courtesy visit! We just want the opportunity to serve your school, teachers and students. 

We understand how valuable this technology is in today's teaching environment and take it very seriously by providing tech support through onsite service visits. Regardless of whether your equipment is in or out of warranty, give us a call to learn whats possible with the equipment you already own.

We also offer service contracts! Enjoy having a technician on-call who shows up in a 48 hour window, and even the same day in an emergency. Hours never expire!

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